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Undergraduate Students

Why do undergraduate research?
Getting involved in research as an undergraduate is a great way to get more out of your education. Through research, you can challenge yourself intellectually, use your creativity to address new questions, and move your learning beyond the classroom. Research can also help you prepare for the future by helping you learn more about your area of study. Exploring topics, asking questions, and learning about solutions gives you a broader perspective on a career or profession. Students who are active in research as undergraduates are more likely to get into a graduate or professional program, and they are more successful when they do. Also, an honors thesis is required for graduation with honors in psychology. Students can write their thesis using the data they have gathered during their time in the lab. In addition, research involvement can provide credits toward graduation, funds for your education, and strong letters of recommendation. Besides that, research is fun!

Why at the Perceiving, Acting, & Thinking Lab/ Hank Virtual Environments Lab?
Research in our lab is a particularly enriching experience. Faculty and graduate students with diverse expertise work in collaboration at the Hank Virtual Environments Lab, where there are vast opportunities to build on knowledge and skills in both cognitive/developmental psychology and in computer science. If you are interested in working in our lab, please e-mail Dr. Jodie Plumert ( with a description of your current and future research plans. Attach your resume.

The Office of Undergraduate Research (formerly Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates)

The Dewey Stuit Fund

Graduate Students

We welcome inquiries about applying to our PhD program through any graduate training area of the Department of Psychology. Our research program is appropriate for students with interests ranging from studying perception and action in virtual environments to studying risk factors for unintentional childhood injuries. Students with backgrounds in any of the following areas are especially encouraged to contact us: developmental psychology, cognitive development, cognitive psychology, perceptual psychology, cognitive science, and computer science. Psychology applicants are not expected to have expertise in computer science.

Graduate Admissions in Psychology

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National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships 

US Fulbright Program

Post-doctoral Students

We welcome the opportunity to consider your application for a Postdoctoral position. If you are interested in working in our lab, please e-mail Dr. Jodie Plumert ( with a description of your current and future research plans. Attach your CV.

UI Postdoctoral Affairs

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